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知覚過敏の説明 Explaining sensitive teeth or hypersensitivity


「歯がしみる」は “sensitive teeth” と普通の言葉でいいます。

「知覚過敏」は専門用語で ”hypersensitivity” と言います。


Patient:  “My teeth are sensitive when I brush my teeth.  Do I have a cavity?  Can you check it?”



Patient:  “My teeth are sensitive when I drink very cold water.  Is there anything wrong?”



Doctor:  “Our tooth is made up of enamel, cementum, and dentin.  Enamel is the outer surface of the tooth.  The root surface has a layer called cementum.  Underneath the enamel and cementum, there is a surface called dentin.  When the dentin loses its protective covering because of excessive toothbrushing, cavity, gum disease, etc., it exposes the small tubes or canals.  When a toothbrush touches that area or when you drink very cold drinks, it stimulates the cells in the small tubes and causes teeth to become sensitive.”


Doctor:  “I recommend you to use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth for a few weeks.  This coats the small tubes of the dentin.  If this doesn’t work, we can apply a strong concentration of fluoride.  We also can put a white filling to block that area.”

ドクター:「市販の知覚過敏の歯磨き粉があるのですが、それを数週間 使って下さい。象牙質の細い管のコーティングをしてくれます。これが効かなかったら、高濃度のフッ素を塗布します。白い詰め物で治療をする場合もあります。」