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経過観察をする “Watch” or “monitor” a condition or finding


「経過観察」は “watch” や”monitor”もしくは “keep an eye on” と言います。

Doctor:  “You have a tooth that is chipped, but it’s still very small and it’s not decayed.  Let’s monitor it.  I will check it every time you come in for your cleaning.”


Patient:  “Should I get it fixed?”


Doctor:  “Make sure you keep it clean.  Brush well and try not to accumulate the bacteria/germs.  If I see any signs of decay, we would need to fill it.”


“Monitor”という動詞以外に  ”watch” や ”keep an eye on”とも言います。

Doctor:  “You have this white, rough lesion that seems to be benign now.  Let’s monitor this until your next cleaning.  If this white lesion looks suspicious, I think we should get a biopsy.”


Patient:  “Should I check it myself time to time?  I will keep an eye on it.”


Doctor:  “Yes, keep an eye on it to see if there are any changes.  If you find anything until your next cleaning, please call me any time.”